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  • (Candy maker) Confectionery is the set of food items that are rich in sugar, any one or type of which is called a confection. Modern usage may include substances rich in artificial sweeteners as well. The word candy (U.S.


  • A single portion of play forming a scoring unit in a match, esp. in tennis
  • (game) crippled: disabled in the feet or legs; “a crippled soldier”; “a game leg”
  • A complete episode or period of play, typically ending in a definite result
  • (game) bet on: place a bet on; “Which horse are you backing?”; “I’m betting on the new horse”
  • (game) a contest with rules to determine a winner; “you need four people to play this game”
  • A form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck

candy making games

candy making games – Who Wants

Who Wants Candy?
Who Wants Candy?
Third-generation candy-maker Jane Sharrock shares here some 400 recipes for mouth-watering candies, chocolates, pralines, crèmes, fudges, cookies, toffee, and holiday treats. This step-by-step candy bible covers everything from the traditional to the exotic. Complete with instructional chapters on the basics of candymaking, it deserves a place on every cookbook shelf. This collection features such irresistable treats as:

Marry Me Toffee € Pistol Pete’s Peanut Brittle € Grace’s Walnut Butter Fudge € Cherry Almond Bark € Panache Penuche € Raspberry-Fudge Truffles € and something called Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy…

Plus: € No-bake cookies
€ Practical and fascinating information about ingredients and candy chemistry
€ Dipping candies in chocolate
€ A basic candy glossary

Tag Game: Sweet As Candy

Tag Game:  Sweet As Candy
TAG GAME: Sweet As Candy

Make your doll sweet & adorable then tag your friends 😀

This is Cutie in the Spotlight Fashionistas Barbie (My favourite). To me she is as sweet as candy =)

Thanks for the Tag barbie.basfash

Purty – Sweet as Candy tag game.

Purty - Sweet as Candy tag game.
I was tagged by Laila X! I made Frankie look a bit softer with the addition of a hat that was randomly packed in with some 1/6 scale men’s clothing I recieved today!

Sweet As Candy – make your dolls sweet and delicious.